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What better way to enjoy an evening at home with your friends than host a Psychic Party? You provide the food and drink, and Dan will take care of the entertainment.


Dan has trained extensively in a variety of mystic reading systems or ‘Oracles’, giving him a versatile set of esoteric skills with which to intrigue and inspire.


Ever inspired by the paranormal, Dan offers an original blend of bizarre close-up magic, mind reading and deliciously macabre humour. More...

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Dan Dent is an English Paranormal entertainer based in Zurich. With over 25 year’s performing experience, he is the perfect choice for your next event; specializing in:

  ◦ Bizarre Magic & Mind Reading

  ◦ Psychic Experiments

  ◦ Tarot Reading

  ◦ Palmistry

  ◦ Numerology

  ◦ Pendulum Divination

  ◦ Dice Fortune Telling

  ◦ Home Psychic Parties

He also runs the ever popular Ghost Walk of Zurich, now in it’s tenth successful year.



Your chance to buy Dan’s Oracle eBooks. Coming soon, a range of hand made pendulums and haunted dolls.


After a chance conversation many years ago with an elderly relative, Dan learned his great grandparents were the first generation of traveling fortune tellers to settle down and live a more ‘conventional’ life.